Qualifications of Candidates
The Municipal Elections Act [s. 17] sets out the qualifications for a candidate for municipal council office. To be eligible, a candidate for council must:

• be a Canadian citizen of the full age of 18 years at the time of nomination
• be ordinarily resident in the municipality or in an area annexed to the municipality for a period of 6 months preceding nomination day, and continue to so reside
• obtain a certificate respecting taxes in prescribed form from the clerk, treasurer, collector or other official with the information showing that, as of nomination day, the candidate has paid in full all charges that are liens on the candidate’s property, and the taxes that are due to the municipality, and, if a municipality has provided for payment of taxes by instalment or interim payments, all instalments or interim payments due as of nomination day have been paid.
• not be disqualified under the Municipal Elections Act

Persons Disqualified to Be Councillors
Certain persons are ineligible to be nominated or to serve as councillors because of incompatible offices or employment with the municipality [s.18]:

• a member of the House of Commons or Senate of Canada
• a member of the Legislative Assembly
• a member of a Village Commission
• a member of the council of another municipality
• a judge of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia or the provincial court
• a person who holds office or employment in the service of the municipality, or any utility, board, commission, committee or official thereof, to which any salary, fee, wages, allowance, emolument, profit or other remuneration of any kind is attached, for so long as he holds or is engaged in the office or employment unless the person is on a leave of absence granted pursuant to S. 17C(2), but this disqualification does not apply in respect of an office or employment as a volunteer fireman with a municipal firefighting organization, as a volunteer member of a board or committee of a municipality, with a school board, with a joint body of two or more municipalities to which the municipality appoints at least one representative and to which the municipality provides funding,
• a person having been convicted of any corrupt practice or bribery contrary to this Act within 5 years preceding nomination day


Nomination day in a regular election year is the second Tuesday in September which is September 8th, 2020 for this 2020 Municipal Elections. Papers are filed at the office between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Alternatively, candidates can file their nomination papers by appointment with the Returning Officer during office hours in the 7 business days preceding nomination day.

To be nominated, a candidate must complete and file a nomination form with the returning officer. The nomination form must be signed by at least 5 nominators, whose names appear on the amended list of electors and who are eligible to vote for the candidate.The nomination form must be accompanied by a certificate, which indicates that the candidate has paid taxes and other charges that are liens on the candidate’s property.

For more information on becoming a candidate please see the following documents: 

1.  pdf Prospective Candidate Letter (100 KB)
2.  pdf 2020 Candidate's Guide to Municipal Elections (356 KB)  
3.  pdf Elections Calendar (138 KB)
4.  pdf Form 11 Nomination (15 KB)
5.  pdf Form 3 Taxes Paid (9 KB)

Additional Resources:

Campaign School Link - https://yourdecision.ca/

Campaining with Social Media Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pjds6x0hf9Q&t=2s

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