Before the List of Electors is used by candidates or at a polling station, the preliminary list of electors (enumerated list or list received from Elections Canada or Elections Nova Scotia) must be revised.

“Preliminary List” is the list which is either the product of an enumeration or the list received from Elections          Nova Scotia or Elections Canada.
“Amended List” is the list completed after the revision period and is the list that will be used during Nomination      Day.
"Revised List" is the list which will be certified and used at the polls.

After the formal revision period has ended, the Returning Officer is permitted to continue to add, delete or correct names on the “amended list” until 3 days before the first advance polling day which will be October 10th, 2020. The “revised list” is the one which will be certified and used at the polls. Any elector not on the list by this date is still able to be added to the list at the polling station.

The Preliminary List of Electors will be completed by July 30, 2020, at which time there will be notice in the Municipal Newsletter as well as the Guysborough Journal stating how a person can check if their name is on the preliminary list and when and where the Returning Officer will receive applications to revise the list.