Sherbrooke Village

42 Main Street, Sherbrooke, NS

Sherbrooke Village depicts a typical Nova Scotian village from 1860 to pre-WW1. With approximately 80 buildings, over 25 of those open to the public, it is the largest Nova Scotia Museum site. Visit the wood turner shop, blacksmith, pottery shop, ambrotype photography studio and printery. Check out Sherbrooke Village for the latest information on upcoming events.

Goldenville Goldmine Interpretive Centre

199 Goldenville Road, Goldenville, NS

The Goldenville Gold District was once known as Nova Scotia’s Klondike. Located in the former Goldenville Presbyterian Church; the Goldenville Goldmine Interpretive Centre has information on gold mining in Nova Scotia and on the small community that became Nova Scotia’s major gold-producing area (1861–1942). During your visit, you will find artifacts, photos, genealogical records as well as stories told by miners.

Port Bickerton Lighthouse Interpretive Centre

630 Lighthouse Road, Port Bickerton, NS
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The Port Bickerton Lighthouse, located on Nova Scotia’s rugged Eastern Shore, has guided North Atlantic mariners to safety and security for over a century and continues to do so today.

Since 1997, it has also been the site of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Interpretive Centre, which is open on a seasonal basis to offer information to visitors about the history of the Port Bickerton Lighthouse and Nova Scotia’s rich maritime lighthouse tradition. Visit Nova Scotia Lighthouse Interpretive Centre for information on the Artist in Residence program.

St. Mary’s River Association Education & Interpretive Centre

8404 Highway 7, Sherbrooke, NS

Come see the fascinating exhibits related to salmon angling on the St. Mary's River. There is an excellent collection of photos, fishing tackle and memorabilia of famous anglers such as Lee Wulff and the Legendary Babe Ruth. You will also find exhibits on Atlantic salmon and local wildlife including the Nova Scotia wood turtle, birds, butterflies and bats. Discover information about the river system, its history, problems and the progress made by Association volunteers on river enhancement and river stabilization projects. Visit St. Mary’s River Association Education & Interpretive Centre for more information.