Budget & Financial Documents

The municipal operating, capital and water utility budgets are approved each year by Council. View the Budget & Financial Documents page for a listing of approved budgets and consolidated financial statements.

Deed Transfer Rate

The Municipality of the District of St. Mary's has a Deed Transfer Tax of 1.25% of the sale price of the property transferred. The Deed Transfer Tax is collected on the Municipality's behalf by the Province of Nova Scotia at the Registry of Deeds.

Financial Indicators

The Financial Condition Indicators (FCI) is a tool to help municipal councils and the public make sense of municipal financial information as well as help identify challenging financial situations for municipalities.

Two structured reports, the Financial Condition Index and the Municipal Profile bring together a group of indicators to give an overall snapshot for each municipality in the province of Nova Scotia.

Grants, Exceptions & Rebates

View the Grants, Exceptions & Rebates page for information on programs such as the Provincial Property Tax Rebate for Seniors and the Municipal Low Income Rebate.

Property Assessment

Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) is a not-for-profit organization responsible for assessing all property in Nova Scotia as mandated under the Nova Scotia Assessment Act.

Visit Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) for more information on your property assessment and the appeal process.

Tax Bill

Property tax bills are generated at the end of May with payment due on July 31st of each year. Interest is applied to outstanding balances each month. View the Tax Bill page for information on tax bills and payments.

Tax Certificate

For a fee of $20, Lawyers' Offices can request an official printout of a tax account. 

Tax Sale

Periodically the municipality holds tax sales on properties that are in arrears for their taxes. Upcoming tax sales are advertised on the Tax Sale page as well as in the municipal newsletter and local newspapers.

To view the Running Tax Sale Surplus Reserve Summary by AAN click  pdf here. (584 KB) .

Water Bill

The Sherbrooke Water utility services approximately 140 homes and businesses in the community of Sherbrooke. Bills are sent out quarterly and are typically invoiced in January, April, July and October. Water bills are due when rendered and interest is applied 30 days after the invoice date to outstanding accounts. Payment options include cash, debit or cheque at the Municipal Office and MasterCard or Visa through Paymentus or by calling 1-855-990-9627.