Review the pdf General Government Grants Policy (693 KB)  prior to applying for municipal funding. Please note the policy was amended on September 16, 2019.

Grants to Organizations

The Municipality of St. Mary’s provides grants to organizations annually through an application process to Council with a focus on capital projects. Organizations must be active with the Registry of Joint Stocks and must be located within the Municipality or serve/benefit residents within the Municipality.The deadline to submit an application is February 15, 2023. You can find the form here:  pdf Grants to Organizations Application Form (412 KB) . Contact the Municipal office if you require more information. If an organization receives $1,000 or greater they must complete a  pdf Grants to Organizations Evaluation Form (479 KB)  on how the money was spent by February 15th of the current year. If the form is not completed the organization/group will not be eligible for a grant in the following fiscal year.

Municipal District Grants

Every fiscal year (April-March) each district receives funds to be given out to organizations, students, sports groups, community groups, etc. Requests for these funds may be made using the  pdf District Grants Application Form (262 KB) to the Councillor who represents the district where the funds will be used.

Grants to Fire Departments

Annual Operating Grants are available to each fire department within the municipality. Departments are required to submit their annual financial statements to the Municipal Office to be eligible to receive a grant.

Municipal Low-Income Rebate

St. Mary's Municipal Council offers a rebate on property tax bills for those whose income is below a specified threshold. The threshold amount is determined by Council on an annual basis. Review the Low-Income Exemption 2022 23 application to determine if you qualify. A copy of your previous year’s "Notice of Assessment – Canada Revenue Agency" must be included with your application.



Ambulance Assistance Program

Submit an application to the Ambulance Fee Assistance Program if paying your ambulance bill will cause you financial hardship. Eligibility is based on household income.

For more information visit Ambulance Fee Assistance Program or call the Emergency Health Services (EHS) billing office at 1-888-280-8884.